70 Presenting Companies

Dallas, TX

November 18 & 19, 2015


Marriott Quorum

14901 Dallas Pkwy.

Dallas, TX 75254



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2015 Southwest IDEAS Conference Speakers

Wednesday, November 18th - Keynote Speaker

"How to Look for Stocks in a Changing Financial System"

Dick Bove

Equity Vice President, Rafferty Capital Markets

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Thursday, November 19th - Keynote Speaker

"The Future of Oil and Energy"

Donald L. Luskin

Chief Investment Officer, TrendMacro

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November 18 Keynote Lunch Speaker Bio: Dick Bove

Mr. Bove, a distinguished industry veteran, covers the financial services and banking sector. Mr. Bove's research has received recognition from a number of industry sources over the years. He has appeared over 500 times in the past few years on the popular business channels. He is also extensively quoted in the print media. From time to time, Mr. Bove has been contacted by the banking regulators up to and including the White House for his thoughts on the industry. His work has been noted internationally in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Mr. Bove entered the securities industry at the end of 1965. Since that time he has held positions as a salesperson, analyst and director of research with firms such as Wertheim, Shearson, and Rafferty Capital Markets. For most of this period his focus has been on companies in the bank and financial sector but he has also covered building and business services companies. He is the author of the book Guardians of Prosperity which focuses on the financial crisis.

November 19 Keynote Lunch Speaker Bio: Donald Luskin

Donald Luskin is Chief Investment Officer of TrendMacro, an investment strategy research firm serving 71 institutional investors in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Prior to founding TrendMacro, Don was vice chairman and co-chief investment officer of Barclays Global Investors. After a decade building Wells Fargo Investment Advisors into the world's largest and most innovative investment manager -- where indexing, tactical asset allocation and quant-active investing were invented -- Don was a member of the three-man management team that sold the firm to Barclays Bank PLC in 1995. The firm was acquired by Blackrock in 2009. At Barclays, Don invented and patented target-date mutual funds, which have since become a standard for retirement investment. After Barclays, Don was CEO and co-founder of MetaMarkets.com, and manager of the pathbreaking OpenFund -- the world's first "interactive mutual fund," that showed all its holdings and trading activity in real-time on the Internet. Don was the inventor of the POSIT “dark pool” exchange and founder of Investment Technology Group at Jefferies & Company. He has been a hedge fund manager and an options market maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Pacific Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange. He is the author of I am John Galt and  Index Options and Futures: The Complete Guide, and editor of Portfolio Insurance: The Guide to Dynamic Hedging, all published by Wiley.



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