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Discovery Investment Research (DIR) is a boutique investment research firm, focused on small and micro-cap equities with market capitalizations generally between $100 - $700 mil.  DIR's primary focus is to serve professional investors by providing them with high quality information regarding innovative, small-cap companies.  Often times our search for innovative companies leads us to the technology sector.  However, our goal is to find small-cap companies bringing disruptive products and/or services to the markets they serve.  One example, would be Coinstar (CSTR), which has changed the way DVD's are rented through its RedBox kiosks.   DIR's coverage list can be found be clicking here (or see above link).  One may assume that we bring mainly growth-type ideas to our clients. However, we know that the market can, in the short-term, beat up even the best growth ideas.  As a result, our second focus is to be patient, monitor many more names than you will see on the aforementioned coverage list, and wait until these names trade at an attractive multiple to EBITDAS.

We are confident that investors will benefit from following our recommendations.  Why? Because of the experience gained from over 20 years of investing, including the founding of an independent, small-cap research firm in 2000, as well as serving as Director of Research for a hedge fund from 2004-09.  We have an impressive track record and fully understand the due-diligence process needed to arrive at our recommendations.  We have experienced firsthand the research and portfolio management skills needed to invest in these types of stocks.    

For those investment professionals who desire more information, please call 1-877-295-1266 or  contact

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