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Ideas & Insights is a monthly subscription research service that provides 1 or 2 creative and independent new buy recommendations each month.  The companies are usually under-followed or misunderstood by Wall Street due to size, complexity or short-term issues. Market capitalizations are typically $250 million to $5 billion.


Each of the two analysts has 28+ years of experience.  Tim Heitman’s focus is on consumer, media, and leisure companies.  Gregg Jahnke’s focus is on cyclical and industrial companies.  Analysis does not focus on near-term prospects, but instead takes a long-term view with emphasis on business model/balance sheet strengths and weaknesses that drive value creation over time. Valuation is commonly based on free cash flow or asset value.


What makes Ideas & Insights different?


  • A combined 50+ years of analytical experience has taught us what we know, what we don’t know, and what we might be able to learn. This experience helps us discern the true nature of a company’s prospects, in other words, provide INSIGHT.

  • Value investing is a careful balance between long-term potential and short-term problems.  Analyzing companies from a business owner’s perspective enables us to find companies near that inflection point where problems are dissipating but may not yet be reflected in “the numbers” or investor apathy/skepticism still dominates.

  • We waste little time on earnings models, near-term forecasts or trying to gain a short-term informational advantage.  We find opportunities to arbitrage the current perception of a company’s prospects against the probable long-term reality through fundamental analysis.



  • As lifetime generalists we are used to looking at a wide variety of industries.  We especially like finding companies that have unique business models where screenable factors may not capture the true potential of a company. Accumulated knowledge eliminates the need to use screens for idea generation.

  • We understand that each investor has his own definition of what constitutes a value stock.  However, the avoidance of a permanent loss of capital is a consistent objective and our analysis focuses on reducing that risk.  We look forward to trying to find stocks from our universe that fit your individual needs.

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