Approximately 60 - 70 Presenting Companies at Each Event

                           IDEAS Investor Conferences


IDEAS Investor Conferences are sponsored by and directly for the benefit of regional investment communities. Our venues are unique, in that they expose presenting companies to the RIGHT investors, as well as generate good IDEAS that outperform the market for attending investors.


What Does "Sponsored By the Buyside FOR the Buyside Mean?


We are independent, and unlike traditional bank-sponsored events, we do not select presenting companies based on their abilities to generate investment banking fees. Instead, our IDEAS are referred to us from our buy side sponsors who actually own, or purchase stock of the companies. We then screen these companies and invite those we believe are good IDEAS based on their investment merits. Additionally, our independence allows us to invite investors who might otherwise be excluded from traditional events based on their ability to meet minimum commission requirements, or the lack of a relationship with a particular investment bank. 


Meet Investors Not Vendors


Our attendees include mutual fund managers, hedge fund managers, family offices, high net worth investors and other accredited investors.  Our attendees must also agree to our “Attendee Guidelines” , which require them to refrain from offering to sell services to any of the other the conference participants. 


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