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Download presentations from David Mossberg with Three Part Advisors, LLC:


Download an article from Eric Marshall with Hodges Capital Management: The Good, the Bad, & the Necessity of Risk

Download a presentation from William  Strauss with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Economic Outlook​​

Download an article from Bill Woodruff with William K. Woodruff & Co, LLC: Unconventional Wisdom in the InvestmentProcess 

Download a presentation from Paul Magnuson with NFJ Investment Group: Dividends, Inflation and Volatility​​

Download an article from Joe Cornell with Spin-Off Research: Addition By Subtraction: The Art Of The Spin-Off (Forbes Online Oct 8, 2013)

Download a presentation from Harvey Rosenblum with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: Why Many People Believe the US is Still in Recession. But It Is Not!

Download an article from John McPartland with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago:

Recommendations for Equitable Allocation of Trades in High Frequency Trading Enviorments

Download a presentation from Giovanni P. Olivei with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: Challenges for Monetary Policy Normilization

Download a presentation from Donald Luskin with TrendMacro: The Future of Oil and Gas

Download a white paper from Westwood Holdings Group:

Listen to a presentation from Steven Bregman with Horizon Kinetics: Active Value Managers, Stay the Course; the Great Indexation Bubble is Showing Definable Limits. Download the PowerPoint presentation here.

Download commentary from Dick Bove with Rafferty Capital Markets, LLC:

Download a presentation from Bruce Kaser with New Generation Research: Contrarian Investing: Checklists for Finding Attractive Turnarounds

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